Wisdom in the Sand

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When searching for wisdom sand would not be the a place were any of us would look. Sand is shifty and gritty and goes into unwanted places and is so easily moved. Yet it was in the sand that Jesus paused in a supreme moment of wisdom. Continue reading

What is Heavenly Wisdom?

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God gives wisdom to anyone who asks. It’s a promise. He gives it liberally and without reproach. (James 1:5). And I thank Him for this gift regularly. Continue reading

Christmas Wish List

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 Christmas is just eight weeks away and I already know what my brother wants as a gift. It’s the same thing he always lights up at receiving. It’s the same thing we’ve been giving as the whole gift or adding to other gifts for years. And it’s an Continue reading

You Only Have to Ask

Have you ever been listening to yourself talk and soundly you realise that the most profound thing is coming out of your mouth? It’s almost like there is wisdom inside you about the topic at hand that you didn’t even know was there. Continue reading