A New Season is Coming. Don’t get excited.

In the height of harvest and the joys of summer a prophet tells you that a new season is coming. Excitement mounts as everyone thinks of more summer sunshine and harvest profits rolling it. No one remembers Continue reading

Sunday Morning Funeral

Courtesy: jkphotography.me.uk

To my utter horror and dismay this day has come. I am left. Alone. Cold. In the dark. To grieve. In silence. Mourning what was and what might have been. Farewell. Sorrow. The end of a season… Continue reading

He Takes My Shoes Back to the Store?

Courtesy: thefrisky.com 

 “He restores my soul” Psalm 23 v 3a

 It sort of sounds like Jesus, our Good Shepherd, is taking our shoes to back to the shops. He “re – stores” my “sole” – get it?

I thought I’d been really smart last winter. I picked up a pair of ankle boots at the end of winter on sale and kept them until my current pair died so I’d have a new pair ready to go. Continue reading