Shipwreck Miracle



It’s so dark, so dark, all around, there has been no sign of light for so long.
The days of terror have turned into weeks.
Overwhelmed. Wave after wave. Continue reading



As invading dampness in my clothes creates chaffing

I curse the terrible way this day is shaping.

Hugging my arms in close against the wind and the rain

I wonder if I’ll ever see home again.

Withdrawing in against the nausea and the fear Continue reading

At some point You have to Jump into the Stormy Blackness


“Therefore take heart, men, for I believe God that it will be just as it was told to me.” Acts 27 v 25

I love the story in Acts 27 about how Paul was shipwrecked. This was a massive storm folks. It says that they did not see the sun, nor the stars, for “many days” and went fourteen days without food. The sailors, the soldiers and the prisons were all scared for their lives. It was a huge, overwhelm, life threatening storm. I imagine Continue reading