Shipwreck Miracle



It’s so dark, so dark, all around, there has been no sign of light for so long.
The days of terror have turned into weeks.
Overwhelmed. Wave after wave. Continue reading

Keep on!

I found this short clip by Angus Buchan very Continue reading

Do You Believe?


 “I believe, Lord help my unbelief.” Mark 9 v 24

 The chorus of a powerful song by Ian Corbridge asks: Continue reading




Across the room she serves, her existence taunting me.
Does Hagar even know the effect she has on me? Continue reading

You Only Have to Ask

Have you ever been listening to yourself talk and soundly you realise that the most profound thing is coming out of your mouth? It’s almost like there is wisdom inside you about the topic at hand that you didn’t even know was there. Continue reading