Almost Forgotten Dream



A dream so old, so distant, so almost forgotten that it’s barely a whisper of mist in the long distant past. Yet something inside me, deep inside, won’t let me forget it. Won’t let me Continue reading

Shipwreck Miracle



It’s so dark, so dark, all around, there has been no sign of light for so long.
The days of terror have turned into weeks.
Overwhelmed. Wave after wave. Continue reading



As invading dampness in my clothes creates chaffing

I curse the terrible way this day is shaping.

Hugging my arms in close against the wind and the rain

I wonder if I’ll ever see home again.

Withdrawing in against the nausea and the fear Continue reading

How to be Used by God


Dylan sits in church, inspired by the sermon on being used by God, he prays asking God to use him as powerful as the missionary standing in the pulpit. God replies “Sure Continue reading

The 3 Widows Week – Widow 3: Sharing Your Last Bite


So far this week we’ve looked at the giving of 2 widows in the Bible. Today I want to round this out with one last widow and her Continue reading

The 3 Widows Week – Widow 2: What Do You Have?


This week we’re looking at 3 unnamed widows in the Bible and the lessons we can learn from their stories. Today’s story is about a widow with a jar of oil. In case that doesn’t create a motion picture in Continue reading