Cloud Based Adventures

MJ crept closer and closer. Bent double each step a study in silence. Nerves tingling with excitement awe and a tinge of fear he paused to quieten his breathing, a difficult battle against the energy pulsating inside. An unexpected sound made him duck and dodge around the corner. There it was. So close, and yet he could not go much further without being in fear of his life, literally. Continue reading

Faith Questions

I want to know Mr Noah, was this what it was like for you, Continue reading

Mountain Top Dangers

Most of the Christian life we worry about the valley’s, we dread them and hope that one day we’ll make it to THE mountain top. Rarely do Continue reading

The Shepherd’s Journey


There are two groups who visited Jesus at His birth. One was the wise men, whose journey was discussed last time. The other was Continue reading

The Wise Men’s Journey


It is one thing to travel for work and it’s another to leave for your family for who knows how long to chase a star with a bunch of mates! Yet Continue reading