Faith Questions

I want to know Mr Noah, was this what it was like for you, Continue reading

Almost Forgotten Dream



A dream so old, so distant, so almost forgotten that it’s barely a whisper of mist in the long distant past. Yet something inside me, deep inside, won’t let me forget it. Won’t let me Continue reading

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People – The Answer


It’s a universal question – Why do bad things happen to good people? I don’t understand why we ask it. Continue reading

God Planned Your Slavery

Grateful for the two wooden beams and thin blanket that are your bed, nights of freezing on dirt floors not too distant, you still can’t sleep. If there ever was a time of wrestling with your faith and questioning God’s ability to keep His promises this would be it. It just doesn’t make any sense. This is not where you are supposed to be. This is not the life, the hope and future you believed God had promised you. Continue reading