As invading dampness in my clothes creates chaffing

I curse the terrible way this day is shaping.

Hugging my arms in close against the wind and the rain

I wonder if I’ll ever see home again.

Withdrawing in against the nausea and the fear Continue reading

All to Jesus I Surrender – does that include PMS?

Internally cursing Eve again, I fight the increasing urge to burst into tears / scream / strangle someone / slit my wrists. One would think that with all our modern-day technology and scientific advancements we would have found a cure for PMS! Continue reading

Recalling Jesus this Christmas



“Did you hear the news this morning? They announced a recall on cheese. It’s not right that they are recalling cheeses just before Christmas.” Continue reading

Wisdom in the Sand


When searching for wisdom sand would not be the a place were any of us would look. Sand is shifty and gritty and goes into unwanted places and is so easily moved. Yet it was in the sand that Jesus paused in a supreme moment of wisdom. Continue reading

The Wise Men’s Journey


It is one thing to travel for work and it’s another to leave for your family for who knows how long to chase a star with a bunch of mates! Yet Continue reading

It’s Not About the Toilet Paper


Across the table he sits, baiting me into an explosion. Emotions boiling, unkind words hurled in accusation, desperately trying to Continue reading

A Man Of Purpose


A man with a more clearly defined, executed and articulated life’s purpose would be difficult to find. It is a simple purpose. It is a unique purpose. Continue reading