Shipwreck Miracle



It’s so dark, so dark, all around, there has been no sign of light for so long.
The days of terror have turned into weeks.
Overwhelmed. Wave after wave. Continue reading

Acquainted with Grief

You open the front door, giving half a knock and calling out “hello”. Recognising your voice instantly I call back “Come on in, I’m in the kitchen!” Kicking Continue reading

Your Cancer has Nothing to do with You

“Your cancer has nothing to do with you,” I said to an elderly friend as she lay in hospital possibly dying. Continue reading

The Shepherd’s Journey


There are two groups who visited Jesus at His birth. One was the wise men, whose journey was discussed last time. The other was Continue reading

Don’t Stop at the Merry


Legend has it that Satan held a Christmas Party for all his demon friends. At the end of the party a little demon said farewell with a hearty “Very merry party! Merry Christmas!” To which Satan replied, Continue reading

Greatest Thanks in 2011


I attend a weekly prayer meeting on Tuesday mornings. Yesterday we were challenged to Continue reading

6 Reasons Why People Don’t Follow Jesus

One of the most frequent sayings of Jesus Christ was these 3 words “Come follow me.” Some, like Peter and John, left everything and followed Jesus. Others Continue reading