Love Hearts from Heaven


It’s Monday morning and I’m rushing out the door, down the stairs, across the grass, down the drive way, to the car, rushing to work… when I notice Continue reading

Certain Wealth in Uncertain Times

Money worries


While many hold their breath waiting the outcome of the USA government’s last minute financial debt deal, others are overcome with doubts as the media predicts interest rate hikes with one report and interest rate falls in the next. Japan and Greece’s financial woes, Continue reading

Who Will Be the Beautiful People?

Last time we spoke about Beautiful People at school and the fact that God looks at our heart, not our bodies to judge us. Have you ever stopped to think about who will be the “Beautiful People” in heaven? Who will be the best? The most popular? The favourites? Continue reading

Survivors Love Letters From Home



They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” John 17:16

Survivor is my all time, number one, must see TV show! I’ve been a little addicted to it for over ten years and twenty-three series. In each series of Survivor players have to get through almost thirty days with absolutely no contact from home. Nothing. Continue reading

Does Plastic Surgery Stick in Heaven?

So I was thinking about heaven today and I was thinking about what our new bodies that we dream about will actually be like. We all imagine that we will be “perfect” when we get to heaven (whatever perfect means for us). But what does perfect mean to God?

Will our heaven bodies simply be a younger, slimmer, healthier version of us? How old is the perfect age? 18? 21? 45? Will we have perfect complexions or will our pox and acne scars still be visible? Will my warts and moles still be on show for all to see? Will stretch marks be a thing of the past? Will my teeth be straight and my limp gone?

And heaven help me! Will all that plastic surgery stick in heaven or will she get her old nose back???  Continue reading