One of Those Days


Ironically my Saturday was “one of those days” and today is also “one of those days” in a bipolar way. Continue reading

What Do You Expect?


I’m going camping this weekend. And I have some expectations for the weekend. Continue reading

Only Fools Put Family First

family first


“My family is my life!” “I live for my kids!” people so proudly say, not realising that putting family first is the most unloving thing you can do. Continue reading

God’s Kindest Act

What do think is the kindest act of God in the Bible, outside of the Salvation story? Yes – kind. Not loving, not creative, not just, not gracious. Just plain kind. Have a think… got it? Now read on. Continue reading

How do you hold your laptop?

 “Test all things; hold fast what is good.” 1 Thessalonians 5:21 (NKJV)

I have to laugh. While laptop computers are becoming more prevalent in our society today there are still those who have just been handed their very first laptop. Usually it’s still a work computer and they handle it carefully, holding it close to their chest as they walk around the office, placing it so gently into its bag before heading out the door at night, careful, careful not to break it. They value the freedom it brings and are hesitant to let others use and abuse it. You can almost see the kid gloves as they worry in case they break such an important part of life.

Then there are the geeks who have had laptops for years and probably own and use several concurrently plus the dinosaur laptops collecting dust in those tin structures at the bottom of their gardens that other men fill with grease and sawdust. One of these guys at my work carries his laptop between his thumb and forefinger. It dangles perilously in his casual hold. Should it drop I’m sure there would be laughter with absolutely no concern.

Our great Australian government is now handing out laptops to all high school students. I expect an even more casual attitude to these ones. Laptops lost, stolen, left with moulding sandwiches and mushed bananas in the bottom of lockers, ignored, forgotten, abandoned.

While I laugh at the variety of value we place on laptops, that a few decades ago were but a dream, I wonder what else in life we treat so casually, like the truth, like love, like friendships and family, like the promises of God.

Today find what is good in your life and “hold fast what is good”. Value it, care for it, don’t ignore, abandon or abuse it. Hold onto the truth, love, friends and family. And most importantly hold onto God and His promises because He is always good.

Question: Are there things in your life that you have been holding on too casually and need to hold onto with more care? Are there things you need to let go? Add your comments below.

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