God’s Kindest Act

What do think is the kindest act of God in the Bible, outside of the Salvation story? Yes – kind. Not loving, not creative, not just, not gracious. Just plain kind. Have a think… got it? Now read on. Continue reading

Be 1 of the Forgotten 300

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Behind every great man is no, not a greater woman, but 300 forgotten men. Think about it for a moment… for every “great” man in history Continue reading

God Caters for Cowards Too

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 “But if you are afraid to go down, go down to the camp with Purah your servant, 11 and you shall hear what they say; and afterward your hands shall be strengthened to go down against the camp.” Judges 7:10-11a (NKJV)

My dentist has a sign at reception saying “We cater for cowards” and they do. No one likes visiting the dentist (except maybe his wife and kids), but Continue reading