A Simple Change to Your Diet May Save Your Life

When you travel are you the type of person who loves or hates trying foreign food? Have you come back from a trip and added something new to your diet as a result of your visit? Are you a person who’s dabbled into different diets – the South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Low Carb Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet? Or do you just eat the same foods you’ve grown up with your whole life? How do you know which diet is best for you? Continue reading


How I lost 10kgs over Christmas

One of the most fascinating episodes of any series of The Biggest Loser is that one near the end where they have the contestants carry a backpack with all the weight they have lost. It’s at that point that they really start to understand the burden those extra kilos was for them. I started to come to the point about my extra weight and how much it burdens me when I moved into my home a little while ago.

As friends and family helped me pack and then carried a seemingly never-ending pile of boxes up my very steep drive way I started to think maybe I was burdened stuff obesity. Then my new home has a kitchen about the third of the size of my previous house so it became more obvious I was carrying unessential weight. And then there is the lack of storage and just a mountain of boxes to unpack. Enough is enough! It was time to get started on changing my life.

I would never, ever qualify for Your Life on the Lawn and the Hoarders  crew would think I was a minimalist. In fact, even the Clutterer’s websites won’t even include me in their definitions but still, it was time to shed some extra weight.

So over this last Christmas holidays I took the first step and went through my closet and drawers and took every item of clothes that no longer fit or I haven’t worn for more than a year, bagged them up and gave them to our local charity op shop.

Several garbage bags later, and over 10 kilos of fabric, I felt lighter. It was like I had lost kilos of fat. Less stuff, only clothes I wear, neat and tidy. A wonderful way to start a new year – lighter, freer, ready.

I feel so good I’m motivated to move onto other parts of the house for a good clean out.

Is there something weighing you down? Are you ready to make a change in your life?

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