In the Depth of Dryness


The soil was dry, so lifeless that it slipped through my fingers like sand. As I attacked the grass weeds in this long abandoned part of my garden I was amazed at the total Continue reading

Your Cancer has Nothing to do with You

“Your cancer has nothing to do with you,” I said to an elderly friend as she lay in hospital possibly dying. Continue reading

A Season of Grief

As I woke this morning I realised that I am walking through a season of grief. In the last few months I’ve faced multiple departures of friends and family from my life. Each exodus Continue reading

Then We Worship


1 week. 2 saints. 2 diseases. 2 sets of doctors sadly shaking their heads hopelessly. 2 lots of prayer requests filling Facebook. 2 groups of fervent prayers. 1 opening of heaven’s doors. Continue reading

Thankful for That!?!

She looked down at the baby in her arms. New born. Beautiful. A lifetime of potential. Unplanned. Unwanted. Alone. And she thanked God. Continue reading