Just Shy of Jericho

“Now Jericho was securely shut up because of the children of Israel; none went out, and none came in. Continue reading

Humble Enough to Cast

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In translating the Bible, the scholars put in verse and chapters at places that suited them on the day. Then along came the chaps who Continue reading

Do You Trust Me?

 We all fear something in our lives. For some it’s the small things like cockroaches and spiders. For others it’s far bigger like flying or death or failure. Most of us fear change to some degree or other. But the most common and often most debilitating fear is Continue reading

Splinter In, Splinter Out

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Who in their right mind would leave a splinter, a speck, less than half a centimetre in length in their thumb for four days? Four days of pain and annoyance as this tiny dot made its presence felt continually while everyday living tried to happen. Who would be so stupid? Continue reading

Be 1 of the Forgotten 300

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Behind every great man is no, not a greater woman, but 300 forgotten men. Think about it for a moment… for every “great” man in history Continue reading