My Messy Home


Sunday morning is the messiest time in my home

The week’s been so busy

I simply haven’t found time to clean Continue reading

What Gift Should I Give?


 I’ve read a few blogs recently that question all the stuff, the things, the clutter that we acquire through the receiving of gifts. Posts that suggest non-tangible gifts for children’s birthday parties. Posts that question mountains of presents at baby showers Continue reading

How I lost 10kgs over Christmas

One of the most fascinating episodes of any series of The Biggest Loser is that one near the end where they have the contestants carry a backpack with all the weight they have lost. It’s at that point that they really start to understand the burden those extra kilos was for them. I started to come to the point about my extra weight and how much it burdens me when I moved into my home a little while ago.

As friends and family helped me pack and then carried a seemingly never-ending pile of boxes up my very steep drive way I started to think maybe I was burdened stuff obesity. Then my new home has a kitchen about the third of the size of my previous house so it became more obvious I was carrying unessential weight. And then there is the lack of storage and just a mountain of boxes to unpack. Enough is enough! It was time to get started on changing my life.

I would never, ever qualify for Your Life on the Lawn and the Hoarders  crew would think I was a minimalist. In fact, even the Clutterer’s websites won’t even include me in their definitions but still, it was time to shed some extra weight.

So over this last Christmas holidays I took the first step and went through my closet and drawers and took every item of clothes that no longer fit or I haven’t worn for more than a year, bagged them up and gave them to our local charity op shop.

Several garbage bags later, and over 10 kilos of fabric, I felt lighter. It was like I had lost kilos of fat. Less stuff, only clothes I wear, neat and tidy. A wonderful way to start a new year – lighter, freer, ready.

I feel so good I’m motivated to move onto other parts of the house for a good clean out.

Is there something weighing you down? Are you ready to make a change in your life?

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