Crumble the Grumbles

I had “every right” to grumble. Every right to build a fort of bitterness, unforgiveness and ingratitude. Many would have justified a choice to abandoned God in this storm. I could have chosen to hide, stop, give up, crumble into a life of grumbles. Instead I chose… Continue reading

Cloud Based Adventures

MJ crept closer and closer. Bent double each step a study in silence. Nerves tingling with excitement awe and a tinge of fear he paused to quieten his breathing, a difficult battle against the energy pulsating inside. An unexpected sound made him duck and dodge around the corner. There it was. So close, and yet he could not go much further without being in fear of his life, literally. Continue reading

Almost Forgotten Dream



A dream so old, so distant, so almost forgotten that it’s barely a whisper of mist in the long distant past. Yet something inside me, deep inside, won’t let me forget it. Won’t let me Continue reading