About Gail

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I’m Gail. My life is an adventure led by Jesus Christ, where His plans are often not mine but are exceptionally more intricate, elaborate and rewarding than I could have chosen for myself. My adventure is not one of travel and high risk. It’s one of trusting Jesus in the unknown and The Waiting, in the day to day simplicity and complexity of ordinary life as a single Christian girl in today’s crazy world.

In my Year 10 English classroom someone hung a banner that read “Life wasn’t meant to be easy, but take courage my friend, it can be delightful. George Bernard Shaw.” This quote stuck with me and has proven to be so true. Life isn’t easy most of the time but oh, it can be delightful, very delightful. The last 4 years of my life have been very tough. I have been on a long, difficult journey that has changed me and given me knew insights to share. In all the muck, there have been treasures with which I hope to encourage you.

As you read my words I pray you can see new delight in life, be challenged in your faith and take another step in your journey to being all God has created you to be.

So you can know me a little better here are some things I am delighting in right now:

  • The awesome power and connection Jesus Christ given us in the wonderful gift of prayer.
  • Retro Cristo (you so gotta check them out!)
  • The book Captivating by Staci Eldridge.
  • The song Take Another Step by Steven Curtis Chapman.
  • The extravagant abundance of colour and variety in flowers. Ain’t Jesus so very creative!
  • My kidlettes (my nieces and nephews).
  • My fantastic team who work hard with me in our start up charity! I love my job!
  • Being healthy again after a 3 year battle with illness.

Enjoy My Angle on faith and life.


  Contents of this blog are copyrighted to me, unless otherwise indicated. Please do not reproduce without permission. If you would like to use anything you read here please contact me at delighfullygail@gmail.com

12 thoughts on “About Gail

  1. Gail, just wanted to say a big thank you for your comment on my Mothers Day Good day/Bad day post. I appreciate your words of support and I’m glad that this year wasn’t a difficult one for you. 🙂 That post of mine wasn’t easy to write and even hard to to upload. I guess it’s easier to share the whinging and the hurrah-ing even when ones blog is somewhat anonymous. 🙂 Much blessings.

  2. Thanks Josh.

    Strengths Based Leadership is a great book! It’s great to have very practical, individually targeted tools for being a great leader. I wish more leaders had this in their tool kit.

    I’ve found Strengths Finder personally liberating. We use it both in my workplace and in my family. It is have a common language and simple explainations to discuss our differences. It’s great to livein your Strengths and to be able to help others to do the same.

    Let me know how you find Strengths Based Leadership.


    Ps Thanks for the compliment! I noticed you’ve taken on your own challenge 😉

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