You Got Talent


Jesus told the best investment story ever. 100% return on investment, 2 out of 3 times. That’s the kind of odd I like.

Yet as I read this investment yarn again this morning in Matthew 25 I was struck by a simple but often missed truth.

There is no comparison in this investment strategy. One servant is not compared against the other. There is no four judge panel with humungous buzzes and flashing red X’s. It’s not a choir versus a dancer versus a fire twirling acrobat.

Each person is judged on their talents, what they were given, and how well they did as an individual.

There’s no, well, the dude with 2 talents doubled his so missy with 5 talents should have at least tripled hers. There’s no sliding scale based on fairness or what the master does.

Each person is accountable for their own actions, not theirs versus their neighbours.

And there is no timeline comparison. None of this bad timing accusations and why didn’t you hit that mile stone sooner guilt.


So when Satan drops lies into your head that you’re not as good as someone else because you have less or more talents, “better or worse” talents or aren’t using them “as fast” as another, tell him to go to hell. None of that is true.

God only looks at you. You’re talents, gifts, opportunities. And He asks “what are you doing with what I gave you?”

And how we use our talents is as unique as we are. Yes we are expected to love God, ourselves and our neighbours. Yes we are expected to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit the prisoners. But how, when, where… God’s expectation is that we all do it that differently.

The underlying assumption is each servant can do something great with their talents. We have talents, another given. Mate, you got talent! You can do something great with your talent. The question is not do you have talents but what, how and when you’re going to do great things with them.

So go out today, do more great things with your talents. Include Jesus is your talent investment plan and He will give you a bigger return and better adventure than you could have imagined or achieved on your own.

You got talent. There is no competition. Just an adventure offered in investing for great return. Use it!

Do you agree? Add your thoughts to the discussion.

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