Faith Questions

I want to know Mr Noah, was this what it was like for you, waiting in faith? As you rose each day and followed the plan written only in your heart and mind, sawing, hammering, building, waiting for this strange thing called rain?

Is this the faith journey you took Abraham? Taking just one step of faith at a time, not knowing which direction you’d go next until you had taken the last and you’ve heard again from God?

Were your feelings as confusing as mine Sarah as you waited anxiously for your most intimate promise, month after month, year after year until your faith ran dry? Did you fight your fears of failure as hard as I do before you finally took control and tried to fix things yourself?

Did your fist ever pound against the prison wall Joseph in total frustration of your seemingly impossible situation? Were there long nights when you thought your dreams had just been your imagination and you desperately questioned your faith?

Having tasted the promise brave Joshua how did you keep your faith for forty long years as you walked with so many doubters in dry and dusty circles? Were you ever tempted to complain when you saw the cloud lift and you knew this day’s walk would take you further again away from the Promised Land?

Was your faith ever shaken Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and friends as you proclaimed prophecy after prophecy and repentance never came? Did loneliness overwhelm you as spoke God’s words and no one seemed to believe you?

Did any of you think of me? Did you realise that your struggles with faith and your determination to believe despite what you saw would encourage me so many thousands of years later?

Was the never ending waiting more of a struggle for you or the seeming impossibility that came before your miracles? Did you struggle between heart and head, sight and faith like I do so often?

That torturous waiting, that faith testing, that deep spirit knowing God had promised, did you feel it bringing you closer to God or did you also suffer seasons of silence from heaven? Some days did it feel like the whole world disagreed with you and only you believed God’s promise was real?

Could the emotions you felt on your faith journey really have been the same as mine? The belief, the anxiety, the impatience, the peace, the joy, the doubting, the hope?

When God calls one on a faith journey that leads to an amazing promise the questions are common and part of the process I guess? And I’m so thankful for the inspiring faith and endurance of our Bible friends, aren’t you?

Do you agree? Add your thoughts to the discussion.

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