Changing Our Prayers



My friend Faith and I pray together each week and for a long while now we’ve been praying for the same two miracles week in and week out, one for her and one for me. Yet as we prayed today Jesus challenged us to change our prayers. Not that how we had been praying before had been wrong, just that He has more for us that we imagine and to receive His best for us means changing our prayers. Yes we’ve seen small answers to our prayers along the way. We’ve grown, we’ve changed, our faith has been tested and it has increased, but, well… we’re still praying for the same two things. We feel we’re long overdue for something to happen, something to change, and it’s starting with what and how we pray.

 Let me use the challenge of weight loss as an example, and no, this is not the miracle either of us are asking for but it’s the easiest example I can think of to explain the changes to our prayers, and one we should all understand.

 Over the last year in particular our prayers have changed a bit and I have sooo got the persistent, constant, ceaseless prayer side down pat (the Persistent Widow and the Unjust Judge parable has nothing on my nagging heaven!) To begin with our prayers were the “God help us lose weight.” Then they moved to a more thoughtful “God, help us not eat the wrong food and to exercise.” Followed by “Give us education and wisdom about what to eat and show us which exercise we’ll like enough to do regularly.” And on in went, a little deeper, a little more earnest, a little more desperate as the months ticked by.

 Today’s challenge has switched our focus and our prayers entirely. Jesus has challenged Faith to pray for insight into the lies/belief/fear/insecurity behind why she eats too much and hides behind her weight. This is because God is not just interested in the health of her body but also of her heart and her spirit. He wants to bring healing; wholeness and life to her whole being not just fix her weight.

 I received a different challenge. Jesus asked me to pray that I will get closer to Him. And not to pray about my weight or diet or motivation to exercise. He knows that as I focus on Him instead of myself and get closer to Him, I will realise who I am in Him and my motivation will come from a place of feeling so loved and loving so deeply that I WANT to obey His promptings to get up and exercise or listen to my conscious when it says “don’t eat that”.

 So yes we’re changing our prayers, but we both know that these new prayers won’t be easy to pray and that there’s a whole journey of faith, pain, healing and change that come with them. No, this is not the easy choice of prayers, but we are desperate for our miracles and we trust Jesus enough to know that He is asking this of us because it’s the best for us. And as I write this I’m thinking prayers for weight loss might just be a little easier with these kinds of prayers than the miracles we’re asking for…. Hmmm…. Is it too late to swap God? lol

 All that said we’re sharing our challenge with you today. Have you been praying for the same miracle for a long time? Maybe it’s time to change what and how you pray. May I encourage you to ask Jesus if He wants you to change your prayers too and let’s see our miracles happen!

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