Love is First Patient

Love is first patient during that long nine month wait
So excited to meet you, desperately hoping you’re not late.

Love is first patient when you make bunny one and bunny two
Ignoring the yelling clock, watching you learn to tie your little shoe.
Love is first patient as you struggle with life as a teen
As you withdraw or yell and are sometimes just plain mean.
Love is first patient sitting another long day by your hospital bed
Wishing I could do something, anything, even suffer in your stead.
Love is first patient listening to you repeat again that same story
Knowing memory loss is not your choice in your journey to glory.
Love is first patient quietly washing another mug, bowl and knife
Worship through unseen service a special part of Christian life.
Love is first patient as I say nothing, choosing to forgive when
You make mistakes or irritate or hurt me again and again.
Love is first patient when I give myself permission and space
To learn and grow and make mistakes, as it’s already covered by His grace.
Love is first patient as I wait for you to hear what God will say
So instead of fighting we can agree and together Him obey.
Love is first patient as for you I pray and pray and pray
Until there is only heart pleas and no new words to say.
Love is first patient in all things, both the big and the small
For love is the best gift we can give anyone, the rich and the poor.
Love is first patient before it does not boast, envy or is full of pride
Love is first patient, with you and with I, and then, then, love is kind.

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