My New Year’s Eve Prayer



Dear Heavenly Father

As I stand at the dawn of a new year I want to pause and say thank you. I want to thank you for all you are bringing my way in 2013 before even the first moment, the first second of the next year ticks by. You Word instructs me to be thankful always and so with I choose to thank you in advance for the coming 365 days.

I thank you for all the blessings you will bestow on me. For food to eat, clothes to wear and a place I love to call home. For amazing family and friends who love me, laugh and cry with me. For wonderful my church family that encourages me to grow in faith, to use the gifts you have given me to further your kingdom and loves me enough to challenge me to a more righteous life.

I thank you for my job, for the money it provides and the fulfilment that simply working brings to my soul. I thank you for my terrific team that makes the office a great place to spend my days. For a supportive boss and tasks that use my talents.

I thank you for the unexpected special gifts that will suddenly appear in my year that will touch my heart, make me smile and once again prove that Jehovah Jirah is my provider and knows my each and every need. (Including my new niece or nephew that will arrive in July J)

I thank you for the challenges, the tests, the trials and the temptations that you have already for-ordained to happen in the next twelve months. For the opportunities to fight and struggle and overcome the battles and the joy of victory at the end. For the chance to seek your strength when I’m weak and your wisdom in all my decisions. For the lessons learnt along the way as I seek to become more Christ-like in how I face these opportunities for growth.

I thank you for the times that I will have to face my fears with courage and rely on my faith in you rather than my faith in myself or fear of the circumstances I see. I thank you for the stretching, maturing processes and for the moments of quiet rest and healing as we quietly sit by still waters together.

I thank you for the people who will frustrate and annoy me and totally rub me up the wrong way. I thank you that they bring moments for the fruit of the Spirit to shine forth instead of my carnal reactions. That in showing patience, gentleness, kindness and self-control  Jesus will receive the glory for my response to those you send to sand away the chips on my shoulders.

I thank you for the times when people will lie to me and about me and I feel incensed and justified in my anger and want to seek my own revenge. For the many opportunities I will have to forgive others and treat them with the mercy and grace I would like to receive from them and from you.

I thank you for the times of confusion and doubt when I struggle to hear your voice or feel your presence. When nothing seems to go right and no one appears to be listening to me. When I feel like a failure and the lowest of low. I thank you that a few steps ahead I will turn back and see that despite my feelings on that day that you have worked all things together for good simply because I love you.

I thank you for the loved ones I will have to say good-bye to. I pray that you will help me to take time to love them well while they are still here. I thank you for the hope of heaven and the certainty that I will see them again one day. I thank you that grief is already my friend and I know that you are part of every season.

I thank you for those people and those situations that will hurt me to the core. Those moments when my heart aches and I turn to you in tears knowing you feel my pain. Before those times happen I pray for your blessing, peace and grace to be on those who hurt me most. I thank you that you always walk the valleys with me and these hurts will also be healed as I lay them at the cross. I thank you that you bring joy for sorrow and dancing for mourning and when I offer my pain to you that you will use it to minister to others.

I thank you that you will hear and answer every prayer I pray and that you already know each prayer now, before they are even spoken. I thank you that you won’t always answer my prayers in the way I expect but that you will, in your infinite love and wisdom, give me the very best answer, even when at first I don’t agree.

I thank you that before I was born you knew what my 2013 would look like and that even then you planned to journey every moment with me and never leave me to do it alone.

For the blessings – joyous, delightful, painful and maturing – that you have for me in the year to come I say, with all my heart and soul, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your loving daughter,


What is your prayer for 2013? Please share your prayer with us in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “My New Year’s Eve Prayer

  1. Great prayer Gail! I am thankful that he is with us in this life, and will be in 2013. Keep letting life’s experiences shape you via the guidance of his love and presence. I pray that 2013 will be a year of unparalleled intimacy with him. I also pray that your capacity to carry his presence for yourself and those blessed to be around you would be increased. Have Fun!

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