Please Say You Love Me



I love you so much
That I’m shouting it at the top of my lungs
For all the universe to hear
Figuratively that is, not literally

I yell loud when I work hard all day
To earn us a living
Then work hard each evening
Keeping home and family running smooth

I shout my love so loudly
But it’s like you do not hear
As I never hear you say it
And I’m dying for even a whisper in return

I yell my love out loud
Through gifts great and small
Mementos of the heart
Given with much love, cost and thought

At night I sometimes wonder
What I’ve done to lose your love
And how I could earn it back
Longing to feel what we once had

So I hold your hand and hug you tight
Kissing you at morning, noon and night
Showering you with loving affection
Giving you loads of physical love attention

Growing more desperate for three little words
I nag and scream and shout, literally
Then you run and work and hide
And all we seem to do is fight

Togetherness is the key! Date night it is!
Looking for things in common I take up your favourite hobby
Quality time and quantity time loaded on thick
To re-spark our love this should do the trick!

Dying inside and wilting on the out
I need your love without a doubt
So I find more loving tricks to do
Anything to hear you say “I love you”

Love poems and pretty cards
Compliments, encouragements and heart to hearts
Saying “I love you” to you out loud fifty times a day
I express my love in a thousand verbal ways

Then one fight I’m surprised to learn
That you have been shouting your love in return
The love languages we’ve been speaking
Doesn’t express the love we each are seeking

I have to show love the way you receive
If the depths of my love you’ll believe
And you shall learn my love language too
So I’ll hear you say “I love you”

Hearing your love spoken my needed way
Compels me to send love back to you each day
Of your love for me there is no longer any doubt
As now I hear each whisper and each shout.


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