I’m Back!

It’s been a busy few months studying for me but I am delighted to be back in blog land! Yes, there was a pause, not a stop, on this blog unlike some readers had thought.

It’s been a very busy first half of the year with night classes taking ten hours out of my evenings each week. As I look back on the last few months it’s amazing all that has happened and all God has taught me. I’m excited to again have the time to put fingers to keyboard and share some of those things with you over the coming posts in a way that hopefully challenges your thinking and encourages your faith.

Even today as I waded through feedback of my work I was reminded of the ten lepers who Jesus healed. Only one came back to thank Christ for the life changing miracle he was given. As I read one thank you among all the feedback, the Holy Spirit gave me a little nudge and reminded me to be once again be thankful for the many blessings Christ has given me.

Reflecting on the year to date there’s one thing that stands out above the rest and that is the certainty that in all things God is still God and I am not.

On that note I’ll leave you with a link to one of my all time favourite songs God is God by Steven Curtis Chapman, praying that your year has been as God inspired as mine.

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