The Lost Voice

Last week I caught tonsillitis and suddenly lost my voice. For a few days I had a scratchy whisper at best and on Tuesday I couldn’t even make a sound come from my throat. While it was hilarious watching the cat’s reaction to my croaks, it made me stop and think of those who don’t have a voice – the poor, the homeless, those with disabilities and strange diseases, slaves, minorities, oh, and the mute.

Proverbs 31:8 commands us to “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,” yet in these days where social justice is the current fad, there seems to be so many, many voices speaking up it’s really noisy.

Everyone has a cause or three or twelve and they all want you to sign up, pay up and speak up on their topic of concern. Most of these causes are great. Many make one’s heart ache at the plight of the people less fortunate than oneself. Most promise you can change the world with only a dollar or two a day.

But collectively a dollar or two a day to each and every cause leaves an empty fridge and unpaid bills at my house instead of theirs.

And then there’s my family and my friends and my community and my life and how can I give time to every good cause that crosses my path and balance my responsibilities to those closest to me?

Or do I start something new for a group that doesn’t have a voice yet. Do I add more noise to the clamour that screams at us to Give! Give! Give!

With the federal budget coming out this week and the ramp up of charity calls for end of financial year donations the noise is at fever pitch right now as everyone violently waves their placard and cries out for the voiceless.

Pulled and pushed from every direction. Guilt hurled my way when I don’t cry and give to them or them or them. Wanting to help but not sure where or who or how. It all becomes too much.


among all this noise, with no voice of my own, I hear the still small voice of Jesus. It makes me stop. The world goes quiet as my focus centres on Him.

He sits to one side, observing the rabble of the crowd joining the popular people and their philanthropist fad. He sits quietly, waiting for His followers to notice Him, to step away from the swarming multitude, to come to Him and ask “Lord, what should I do?”

Unlike the world Jesus doesn’t ask us to be everyone’s solution, to give to everyone’s charity, to speak up for everyone. Jesus has a unique plan for each of us. He places a desire, even a burden, in our hearts to speak up for one group of people. He creates a passion, an appetite for justice for one cause, or maybe two, but not all of them.

It’s not the same for all of us. For me He calls me to speak up for children. For you it maybe the environment or the illiterate. For the next believer it maybe slaves or the disabled or cancer or animals or the persecuted church.

We don’t have to give to all who ask. We don’t have to speak up for everyone without a voice. We don’t have to support every charity, cause or mission. We simply need to go to our Master and ask “Lord, what should I do?” Then simply obey Him.

In the chorus of those speaking up for the voiceless, His voice is often lost.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by charities and causes asking for your help? Have you ever felt like your voice isn’t heard? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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