One Thing Today


Josiah had learnt on his mother’s knee to ask God for just one thing he could do for God each day. Some days he got something and some days he got nothing. And then there was the day he got just plain crazy!

 Josiah calls it his “Noah Day”. The day when God asked him to do something so crazy, so bizarre, that it reminded him of Noah building himself an ark , when there had never been rain before. And yet, just like Noah, the craziness had ended up in miracle.

 It had started like any other Passover Day. Extra ordinarily early Josiah had crept out of bed and quietly made his way to the roof to pray. As he sat in silence listening to what God may ask him to do that day, Josiah watched the sun begin to rise slowly, bringing Jerusalem a beautiful spring day. Just as the first glow melted into blue he heard in the stillness God direct him to prepare his upper room for the Messiah to share Passover with His disciples. Josiah went over in his head, “Prepare the upper room for Passover. Yes, no problem, I can do that. For the Messiah to share with His… the Messiah? What the!?!” The Messiah? Josiah had heard about this mysterious man who was coming to save the Israelites since he was a baby, and he had heard many rumours throughout his adult life that pointed here or there to some rabbi or other as the messiah. But the Messiah? In his house? Josiah shook his head.

 “Well,” he thought, “sounds crazy to me but if God asks I’ll do and if no one shows I’ve nothing to lose but a little time and food.”

 Still shaking his head Josiah went to stand up and leave when he heard almost audibly “… and send Isaac to get a pitcher of water at noon.”

 Josiah almost fell over from his half crouch position. Send a man to get water? That was more insane than preparing a party for people he’d never met in the hope they’d miraculous turn up (if they existed)! People would think he’d gone mad. Five healthy female servants and two strong male servants and God asked him to send his elderly foreman? Servant yes, but still a man! Carrying water was women’s work! Always was, always would be. Hey, this is Israel! If you had no female servants you’d get a foreign male slave to haul water or your wife, not an Israelite bond servant! Isaac would be so humiliated…

 Jerusalem may be the largest city in the land but you couldn’t hide a man carrying a pitcher of water, especially in the middle of the day when no one else was out getting water. “Isaac will be sure to object… how should I best approach this…” Josiah muttered to himself as he wondered down stairs to begin his preparations.

 Strangely Isaac did not object and midday saw him head out to the well with a pitcher of water.

 Not even twenty minutes later Isaac came through the door followed by two men. They smelt like fish and sounded like Galileans. Isaac said they had followed him home and wanted to see his master. Having passed on the message Isaac didn’t melt into the background like usual. His anticipation in hearing what was going on was obvious.

 Josiah stepped forward. “How can I help you gentlemen?”

 “The Teacher says, “Where is the guest room in which I may eat the Passover with My disciples?”” One of them answered.

 Josiah took them up to the upper room before returning to question Isaac.

“Isaac, do you have any clue as to what is going on? Why didn’t you object to getting water?”

 Isaac smiled. “Many years ago you told me how you always ask God for just one thing you can do for Him each day. I do that too. I think one thing is good because if it was more than one I may forget. During my prayers this morning, God told me that you would ask me to do something crazy and if I did it I would meet the Messiah.”

 Several hours later thirteen men turned up to celebrate the Passover. Josiah and Isaac didn’t have to be introduced to the Teacher. They knew just by looking at Jesus that He was the Messiah. As they moved to serve their guests they were very glad that they had obeyed God’s “crazy” one thing to do today.

You can read the Biblical account of this story in Mark 14:13-16

Has God ever asked you to do something crazy? Please share your story in the comments below.


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