Care to be Kind


There may be parts of the Bible were we can quibble and quote and argue and question but this sentence, these five words, don’t fit this category. These words are “Be kind to one another.” Ephesians 4:32.

If your church’s Sunday school is like mine this is a verse that is taught many times from toddler-hood onwards. These five small words should direct our actions everyday of our lives. We should be kind to others. Always.

Kindness is about action, about attitude and about heart motivation. Kindness is about recognising others value. Kindness is about treating others the same way we would like to be treated. Kindness is about sharing a little bit of God’s love and grace in our world.

Yet kindness is hard to find. It’s so hard to find that if you ask someone “what’s one kind thing someone’s done for you recently?” they look at you blankly. Or if you ask them “what’s one kind thing you’ve done for someone else recently?” they can’t think of an answer. Kindness is so absent that movements such as “RAK’D” (Random Acts of Kindness Day) and Pay it Forward have sprung up to urge us to be kind to others.

What is kindness? Kind can be described as generous, helpful, polite, friendly, considerate, courteous, loving, benevolent, or gentle. 

“Oh, yes, I’m all those things…sometimes, to some people, not often or to everyone, but sometimes, does that count?”

I don’t think we can overdo kindness, generosity, love, courtesy or consideration. So maybe sometimes, to some people isn’t enough. Maybe we need to be more kind. Kind to the un-lovable, to the annoying, to the unknown or even more scary – to our family, colleagues and friends, even when they are not kind in return.

If we were all kinder to other people, kindness wouldn’t be just random acts but everyday reality for many.

So go on, be kind to others today.

Thank you.


Share one kind thing that someone’s done for you recently or you’ve done for someone else in the comments below.


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