Wasting Time in Class

Courtesy: msh2osscience.blogspot.com

You ask me for my time
I demand to know why
You ask – your time, is it yours or mine?
Lord, it’s yours to use, so bore me if you choose.
I groan, there must be an easier road
But this is course for you that I choose, you say
So like Hebrews in the desert
I head off complaining all the way.
Sitting here bored, frustrated, annoyed
Learning nought but patience and self-control
Reminding myself to trust and to obey
When understanding lights the bulb above my head
You sent me here not just for class content
But to learn your Spirit’s fruit along the way.
Another light changes perception and attitude
Perhaps this path is laden with treasures
Mine to seek, to find, to keep for eternity
In this time zone you’ve placed me in
If through heavenly eyes I choose to see
Instead of simply wasting time in class.
Have you felt trapped in a place in life only to find that it wasn’t the time waster you thought it was and that God had lessons for you to learn?

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