How to be Used by God


Dylan sits in church, inspired by the sermon on being used by God, he prays asking God to use him as powerful as the missionary standing in the pulpit. God replies “Sure I can use you Dylan. First I want you to help old Mrs Williams move her fridge and I want you to give Nigel a lift to Youth on Friday night.” Dylan groans as this is not the mission he was expecting and shuffles out of church feeling useless and unworthy. Ever felt like this?

It can be easy to admire Mother Theresa, Billy Graham and Angus Buchan and feel like we need to be in public, on stage, highlighted ministry to actually be “doing something for God”, yet for most of us God asks us to do very different but equally important things.

Last weekend I was blessed to be part of an answer to prayer, watching a miracle unfold and being used by God. It wasn’t hard. It won’t make me famous. It didn’t cost much – just 9 hours of my time. And believe it or not, it was simply using my natural skills and abilities to help a sister in Christ.

So what was this amazing thing God used me for? Organising and doing the administration side of searching for an apartment within very restrictive boundaries. Organising things is something I love doing. For Joy, the girl I was helping, this is something that she hasn’t been gifted with. She struggles and stresses with organising and admin but boy can she dance! And sing! And bring beauty and joy into others lives! (Yes, I’m a little jealous of her gifts).

The miracle happened in a city severely lacking rental properties, particularly near universities, at the bottom end of the price pool, where an apartment was needed within three days.  Journeying over two hours to get there we arrived right on time. Expecting to join a line of applicants queued outside we were one of two groups viewing the apartment. Planning to wait for days to hear back a “no” from a bunch of different  real estate’s we knew a miracle was needed for any place to be found on time.

I was amazed to walk out of the first place we saw less than an hour after founding this gem, with a deposit placed and approval for rental granted! All that was left to do was pay the bond on the Monday and pick up the keys.

For students rental price and location are very important. God had the landlord drop the price the night before by $20. The apartment is very close to Joy’s college, close to public transport and has a variety of shops and cafe’s right next to her apartment. It is a gift from God for Joy and her housemate.

I was so blessed to be part of it! This blessing was mine because when God asked me if He could change my Saturday plans in a moment I said yes. When God asked to use my talents I said yes. We don’t have to go to Africa or be famous to be used by God.

Since Saturday I’ve been reflecting on other ways God has used me in other’s lives or other’s in my life in just the last week and I am reminded how often we can be used by God, if only we let Him. Some of the ways God used my friends and I in the last week are:


  • Rental property search assistant (as above).
  • Roses were left on the front door of single ladies in my church on Valentine’s Day with a note “Love from Jesus”.
  • Remembering to pray for friends who are struggling, fighting the spiritual battle with them.
  • Really listening and engaging in conversation with a lonely person, even when you’re not interested in the topics they are talking about.
  • Recalling your tough times, sharing them with others and how God has brought healing to your life
  • Reaching out with a hug, a smile, a thank you.

None of these may seem big to you as a giver but for the receiver they can be a huge reminder that God love them; that God hears their prayers and supplies all their needs through Christ Jesus and His church.

Let me encourage you this week to be used by God, in some way, to be part of someone’s answer to prayer.

Has God used someone else in your life to answer one of your prayers? If so, please share your story in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “How to be Used by God

  1. Hi Gail, excellent blog!

    I had a stack of cups that were given to me by a friend ‘for the church’. When this friend gave them to me I immediately thought of a particular man in church. I had no reason to think of him, nor did he appear to be in any need. He was just one of the guys.

    I took the cups to church (remember they had been given to me ‘for the church’) and just sat there through the service. After the service the man I wanted to give them to was deep in conversation with someone but I had to go, so I walked over and interrupted their conversation, gave him the cups and said, “For you from God” and walked away. His look of surprise was very gratifying.

    Anyhow, a week later he came to me and told me something amazing. He had just been telling the person he was with (a new Christian) that God can do anything, that He listens to us and answers our prayers. He told her he was searching for a particular set of stacking cups for his office. He didn’t want anything too flowery or feminine but something that reflected him and his workplace… He was asking God for them.

    Right then, I mean RIGHT THEN… I came along and said “For you from God” and gave him the exact set of stacking cups he was searching for.


    How good is it to be used by God in the ordinaries of life. They weren’t even my cups! The person who gave them to me was blessed when I told them about what happened. I was blessed by what happened, the man at church was blessed by what happened (no wonder he had a surprised look on his face!) and the person he was talking to learned a valuable and exciting lesson,and was blessed by what happened. Now the story goes on through testimony.

    Bless you Gail!

    • What an exciting answer to prayer to be part of! I love how God chooses to use us as part of the prayer answering process rather than keeping the blessing to Himself.
      Thanks for sharing Ron 🙂

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