Happy Anniversary!

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It’s been a year since I began this blog with my first post “It’s Valentine’s Day and my Christmas Decorations are still up!” I never expected to receive over 11,101 hits in that time or such thought-provoking and encouraging comments from readers. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing posts and have been challenged a long the way my endeavours to inspire you to think of things from a slightly different angle.

Anniversaries are very Biblical. In the Old Testament the Lord God set up a number of different anniversaries for His people. They included Sabbath days, festivals and altars of stone. They reminded His people of His great love for them, of the miracles He performed, prayers answered and promises fulfilled. God liberally sprinkled these reminders into every year.

Thousands of years later we still have days that mark special occasions, like Valentines, Mother’s Day and Christmas. These anniversaries where we should be reminded of our love for others and their love for us have been sabotaged by the gods of Shopping, Sport, Busyness and Family. These things in themselves are not wrong but when it all comes back to the heart behind our actions.

Just like Jesus reprimanded the Pharisees for making the Sabbath Day a day of burden because of the Pharisee’s pride and power greed, so I believe Jesus would condemn our holidays that become only about the cost of our gifts, winning money on the game, rushing, rushing, rushing or even spending all our time and attention on family and ignoring not only the poor and lonely but also God Himself.

God gives us anniversaries and holidays as a time to pause and remember the amazing things He has done in our lives.

So today I pause and consider what God has done in my life in the last year and I am amazed. It doesn’t take long to count blessings, to be thankful and to see Him comforting me through times of grief. I can see God lovingly stretching me, moulding me and coaching me to grow.

On this anniversary thanks is all I have to give – to God for His amazing love and grace, – and to you my readers. I appreciate your support.

Here’s to another year of walking with the wise, from Gail’s angle.

Happy Anniversary!

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