The Wise Men’s Journey


It is one thing to travel for work and it’s another to leave for your family for who knows how long to chase a star with a bunch of mates! Yet this is what the wise men did.

The Bible doesn’t tell us how many wise men there were. They did give 3 gifts; hence the confusion in thinking it was 3 men. We don’t know if they were young or old. If they had families and wives, were royal or even where they came from other than a very general “east”.

We can assume from the fact that they noticed a different star that maybe they were educated men and we can assume from the fact that they travelled that they had wealth.

Let’s also assume they had wives and families. What do you think their wives would have said when one day they came home and said “Honey, my mates and I are going on a road trip to follow that star to wherever it goes. Please pack me a spare shirt and a box of frankincense.”

Would you think he’d gone nuts? I can almost hear the questioning and nagging and jeering from family, friends and acquaintances as word got around of this insane plan. “And you call yourself a wise man!”

Stop and contemplate with me this Christmas the journey of the wise men. Here are some things they may have had to do to get from home to Jesus:

  •        Agree to go on a star chase – did any of them need to be talked into the journey or where they all keen?
  •        Plan and pack for a trip – for who knows how long or to where
  •        Tell everyone they were going – and endure critical peers and jeering neighbours and worried mothers and nagging wives
  •        Walk and ride for a very, very long time – some believe they took two years to get to Jesus as that’s the age Herod killed the baby boys, that’s a long journey to not quit
  •        Ask questions, do research – and get ridiculed for this
  •        Turning up at Herod’s palace looking for a baby – and looking stupid when there was no baby
  •        Visit Jesus and family – how long was their visit? Moments like in nativity plays, or was it days or weeks?
  •        Return home – another long journey

While some of this is conjecture, the essence of my pondering on the wise men’s journey is that it was a journey.  Not just in the travelling side, but also in that it took effort, sacrifice, lots of questions, some time and a bit of faith to get there. It wasn’t simple. They had to work, endure, to not give up, simply to get to Jesus.

For many people today their journey to find Jesus is like the wise men. It takes effort, jeers from friends and family, asking lots of questions, some time and a bit of faith to find Jesus.

This might be for first time faith, in becoming a Christian. Or it might be in the journey to find Jesus in the difficult circumstances. Or even to find Jesus in Christmas. Sometimes it is a struggle, a journey.

Yet with all this the wise men knew it was worth the journey to find Jesus. And for those who take a journey to find Jesus today it is still worth it.

All who journey to find Jesus are wise.

Have you ever considered the wise men who visited Jesus? Share your thoughts on them in the comments below.

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