Greatest Thanks in 2011


I attend a weekly prayer meeting on Tuesday mornings. Yesterday we were challenged to give thanks for the one thing we were most grateful for in 2011. For some it was their new spouse, for others their new job.

For one guy it was his two-year old son. With a friend who has just lost his three-month old to SID’s, I know this father’s thankfulness for his son’s live has increased significantly in the last few weeks.

For me, with the 2011 I’ve had, the one thing I am the most thankful for this year is simply, and profoundly, the assurance of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

The first half of this year I journeyed through watching my Grandpa struggle against several diseases, deteriorate daily before our eyes and finally leave this world. I was led to ponder my own eulogy.

In the second half I prayed as my Nanna fought and won against pneumonia. I said farewell to a friend of many years. And I learnt to pray and worship in a new way.

I’ve also said good-bye to other friends as life led them to exit my world. It’s all been part of my own season of grief.

In all of this my hope has always been the absolute certainty of heaven. My conviction that through my faith in Jesus Christ, that I will one day be there. And the assurance, that I will meet my family and friends who also believe in Jesus in heaven one day, where we can rejoice in the goodness of God together.

This year would have been so much more difficult without the comfort of eternal life with Christ. As I reflect on the year that 2011 has been, this is the one thing I am the most thankful for – eternal life.

What about you? What were you most thankful for in 2011? Please share with us to encourage us to think of other things we should be thankful for.


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