Consider the When


Any good salesman will tell you the timing of selling is important. For instance, you may have the best Christmas tree ever for sale. It may even be at a must have price. But in March, try as you might, that baby is not going to sell. The when is as important as the what, why and how.

Any good mother will tell you that the timing of sleep is important. Too late in the day and the toddler won’t sleep at night. Too early in the day and they won’t want their afternoon nap, which makes for one cranky baby all afternoon. The when is as important as the what and the where.

Any good soldier will tell you that the timing of a fight is important. Too late and the enemy have laid their ambushes and mines and have the upper hand. Too early and your reinforcements are too far away and half the combat group are still strapping on their boots. The when is as important as the who, why and where.

Yet often we forget to consider the when in the plans God gives to us. We can get all excited and race eagerly ahead, forgetting that Ai will be there waiting for God’s battle cry. Or we think God is taking too long to give us the promise and create our own Ishmael situation, the fallout from which permeates unnecessary complications into the rest of our lives. Or we lag behind, or think we know which side of the boat to fish from, or just don’t remember to ask God when.

As I read my Bible I notice that timing is important to God. Here are a handful of examples:

  1.  Gideon began the battle against the Midianites at night
  2.  At the time of the morning offering God sent water to the parched army
  3.  The Israelites crossed the Red Sea at night
  4.  At dawn Mary met the resurrected Jesus
  5.  When morning came Jesus told his disciples to cast their nets on the other side

Some of the things we really should check in with God about the when include:

  •         Starting relationships, getting married, having babies
  •         Starting new business, ministries and churches
  •         Moving house
  •         Changing jobs
  •         Reconciling with others over past hurts
  •         Dealing with difficult situations
  •         Making changes to who we are
  •         Fulfilling the vision He has given to us

Waiting to hear from God not only the what, why, how and where but also the when, can be the difference between success and failure, rejoicing and mourning, regrets and achievement.

So whatever you feel that God is leading you into for the next part of your life, don’t forget to consider the when.


Do you know of an example where the when was not considered and things went badly or a time where it was considered and things went well? Help us learn by sharing the story with us in the comments below.


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