One of Those Days


Ironically my Saturday was “one of those days” and today is also “one of those days” in a bipolar way.

Saturday was already booked in as flat out and busy before it got overloaded with people complications and things not going right and running out of time and forgetting important things and bruising shins and dropping things and working hard late into the night. It was “one of those days” because it was hectic and complicated and nothing seemed to go right.

Today is “one of those days” in the opposite end. Today I came to work with a calendar jammed packed from end to end. My expectation was to feel almost breathless as I hurried from one task to another, barely having time to change hats between meetings. As the new work day dawned it began to clear like mist on a summer’s morning. This meeting was cancelled, which also cancelled the prep work I needed to do. That meeting was moved to later in the week. Interviews didn’t eventuate. Suddenly my day is free and I have to stop to figure out what to do on this supposed to be very busy day.

In both days a moment came when I realised that neither is a surprise to God. He knew how my day would unfold even before I woke. He can give me strength and wisdom to get through the crazy days. He can give me focus and wisdom to be productive on the suddenly quiet days. God has a plan for what actions I take on those days. He also has a plan on what He wants to teach and reveal to me during each day. I just need to stop and listen to what He is saying to me in this day.

And, believe it or not, God also knows which “one of those days” I’ll get tomorrow and the next day. If I take time to ask for His wisdom on how to spend this day, I’ll be better prepared for tomorrow.

So what every type of “one of those days” you’re having today, remember:

·        Whatever is happening is not a surprise to God

·        He has a plan for your day

·        He can give you strength and wisdom to get through the challenging days

·        He can give you focus and wisdom to get through quiet days

·        He wants to speak to you through the happenings of each and every day


One final thought – if you’re having a great day, be a little patient and understanding with those who may be having a crazy day. It will make everyone more happy.

Do you find it easier to include God in your crazy or quiet days? Which kind of “one of those days” are you having today? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Hopped over from The High Calling and, yes, I can commiserate here! It’s refreshing to find your perspective pressed out here with God’s steam iron. He doesn’t always smooth out life’s wrinkles, but He does have a way of offering us a beautifully pressed perspective. Thanks for sharing it. However your day is today, be blessed in His Presence.

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