November’s Top 8

November has been a month of mixed emotions for me. It has been a mix of grief, blessing and learning more about God. As I have attempted to share with you what God has been teaching me the process has helped me to take as much more from each lesson.

In this month I felt encouraged and support from your comments. Thank you for all your commented, starred, emailed me and prayed.

As readers your choice of stars and views were more split this month so I’ve bumped it up to 8 to cover the ties. Personally, my favourite for this month is Dig Deep Ditches as I feel God is still challenging me to keep digging deep.

Here’s your Top 8’s for this month.

Top 8 Rated (Highest Star Rating)

  1. A Season of Grief
  2. Christmas Gift List
  3. Thankful Friday
  4. Protected by Faith and Love – Part 1
  5. Are you as Ready as you Think you Are?
  6. Dig Deep Ditches
  7. My Messy Home
  8. The Best of Blessings

Top 8 Hits (Most Visited)

  1. King Nebuchadnezzar’s 8 Steps to Discipline
  2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  3. Tantrum at the Door
  4. Consider the Ant
  5. 6 Reason Why People Don’t Follow Jesus
  6. Christmas Wish List
  7. Thankful Friday
  8. The Waiting Room

These are you, the readers, favourites. Maybe take time to read a few today that you may have missed or forgotten and like or share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Which is your favourite post for November? Is it one listed above or something else? Share your favourite with us in the comments below.