The Best of Blessings

The best of blessings come through tears. That’s been my experience and maybe it’s been yours. 

There’s a glass of water, on tap, easy to reach, straight after two or three other glasses. It’s nothing special, it’s not appreciated, it’s expected and one’s entitlement.

Then there’s the glass of water that’s been withheld, coming after a hard day’s labour in the blazing sun. Luke warm but highly prized and hard-earned.

In the same way we value simple things like water when we have earned them so we place higher value on the blessings that come through hardship.

Blessings like being born in a wealthy nation or to Godly parents, while priceless, only become really valued when we begin to understand life outside our family circle as we see how others have lived.

Blessings of good health and access to medicine are suddenly cherished when you walk through cancer with a family member or read stories of the poorest of the poor watching their children die from dehydration and measles.

Blessings of a child held in previously empty arms is seen as the miracle it is, over the miracle called accidental life.

Blessings of a “yes” answer to pray only become realised when you’ve wrestled your way to acceptance of “no” answers.

In my life it has taken the hard times, the sleepless nights, the broken heart to see the real blessings I have. The things I’ve longed for and wrestled with not having are of far higher value to me than my friends who received the same gifts without the tears.

Last week I heard this song by Laura Story for the first time. Titled “Blessings” she brings up the question that maybe blessings come through hardship. In my life I have learnt that this is true. It is either from hard times that we learn to truly treasure the blessings we’ve already received or it is through life’s valleys that we receive the best blessings. The chorus of this song questions the current, popular belief that blessings are all about good things and prosperity but what if that’s not how God sees it.

“‘Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops
What if Your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You’re near
What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise”

Take time to consider these words today, and look for previously unidentified blessings in your life and then count your blessings, you’ll be surprised how many more you’ve been given.  You can check out the whole song in the clip here: Blessings by Laura Story

I believe the best of blessings come through the hardest times. Do you agree? Share your reasons and your story in the comments below.

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