Humble Enough to Cast


In translating the Bible, the scholars put in verse and chapters at places that suited them on the day. Then along came the chaps who added titles for sections and wallah we have a Bible that sometimes gets cut up and presented in parts, in incomplete ways, and we often don’t get the full message because we don’t go back and check the context.

I was reading 1 Peter 5:6 last night and to put it in context I read on to verse 7 when to my surprise I noticed a comma, a little mark that links the two verses together, because they are one sentence.

I, like you, have heard and read these two verses separately in many places over the year but only in the Bible do you see them together.

What are these verse you ask:

Verse 6 : “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time,”

Verse 7: “casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.”

Reading these two verses together gives a massive clue as to how God wants us to be humble. God wants us to be humble enough to cast ALL our cares on Him. Not just some, not just the ones we feel we can’t deal with ourselves, not just the ones beyond our capabilities, ALL our cares.

Have you ever done that? Cast ALL your cares to Jesus? Pause and give it a go now:

God I’m worried, caring about:

  • that meeting at work today
  • a random comment a friend made yesterday
  • this big bill that’s due
  • what I’m going to have for dinner tonight and if I’ll have motivation to cook after this big day
  • my sick Nana
  • plans for the weekend and if I got the right gift for my sister-in-laws baby shower
  • that this list is about trivial things and my cares don’t seem so important in the big picture of heaven, hell and eternity
  • oh and let me cast that meeting at work today back to you because I’ve taken that back to worry about some more

What did your list look like? Something like mine? Was it longer than you thought? Did you look at it and go wow, I’m carrying a lot of cares, mostly trivial?

It’s a human quirk that we like to carry loads of cares. We even boast about how many cares we carry. It some social circles your cares can be a status symbol.

Yet God wants us to humble ourselves, to acknowledge that He is the only one who can solve all our problems, deal with all our cares, if we let Him. It’s very humbling to admit that we can’t do much about most of the things we worry and stress about. Biazarrely we feel like we can control things by worrying and fretting about them, but this is not so.

By taking our worries, God shows His love towards us. By taking our cares, God gives us peace instead as our attitude changes towards the problems and their hold on us fades. And sometimes God gives us miracles as He deals with the issues and works it all out in a way we never could have.

The first step is ours. First we have be humble and give our worries to Jesus.

Second, we have to leave them with Him (or keep taking them back until we can truly leave them with Him).

Thirdly, watch as Jesus sorts through our cares and change us or the situation or both.

It takes courage and humility to true cast ALL our cares on Him. It’s something we all have to do over and over and over again. But I’d rather have Jesus carrying that burden for me, than try to carry it myself. How about you?

Do you feel humbled when you cast your cares on Him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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