Throw Away 5 Minutes


I gave you five minutes

Or considerably less

Whether it’s enough or not

I really don’t care less

As the demands of the day

Come crashing in


I’ve read my Bible

And thrown up a prayer

Tick one task done

So my busy day has officially begun


Thirty seconds with you I consider devotions

And still I expect miracles and answers to prayer

When you don’t fix my world

I get mad and yell at you


The Guilt’s arrive

So I give you a few seconds more

Forgetting you don’t just want my time

You died for my all


I find time to buy a coffee

And stop to watch the TV news

I turn up the radio

To block you from coming through


It’s like I’m hiding or running away

Are we having a fight?

Or have I simply forgotten that you are my life?


It’s your listening ear and gentle words

It’s your love, hope and peace

That gets me through each day

It’s regular time with you

That takes my fears and stress away


It should not be that I’m too busy to pray

It should be that I’m too busy to not pray

Yet that’s not how I started this day


I get to work five minutes early

And quickly fill in the time

Setting up brunch with my best friend

Cos I haven’t spoken to her in a while


My day continues

And it just won’t gel

I strive and struggle

As this day refuses to go well

I feel like there’s not much I can do

Because I simply refuse to talk to you


The stress overwhelms

I can’t do this again

Day after day

Of failure and pressure


It’s time to repent, confess

Accept your forgiveness that’s offered

Adjust my attitude

And start again


I need to prepare today

To make you a priority tomorrow

Reduce the early morning rush

Prepare my tasks and my mind


Jesus, would you like to have a date with me?

How about tomorrow morning?

Let’s say 6am


The hour is early

The sun yet to shine

We sit together

Sharing, conversing, you and I

Hearts connecting, a perfect moment


I don’t want to leave

To exchange this calm for the busyness ahead

Yet I know the peace of this date

Will follow me all the minutes ahead


So Jesus, let’s meet again at 6am tomorrow

Booking it in now

Gives me all day to prepare

For this very special date

Now, what am I going to wear?

Many Christians struggle to find time to spend with God. Do you have any tips to share on this? Share your tips in the comments below.

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