7 Reasons Why Prayer is Better than Chocolate

Really? Can prayer really be better than chocolate? But chocolate tastes sooo good and makes me feel so happy? And the box is purple.

Maybe for you it’s not the chocolate, it’s chips, or exercise, or computer games, or sulking, or kicking the cat, or yelling at the kids, or whatever you do to relieve stress. But it all ends up as the same thing – our instinctive response to stress, pressure and problems. And usually, it’s not prayer.

We know it should be prayer but we go to something else to try to find that relief we seek. Here’s 7 reasons why prayer should be our instinctive response:

  1. It’s free – no money to pay, no calories to work off
  2. No guilt attached after consumption, no evidence to hide
  3. It brings peace (Phil 4:6-7)
  4. It’s always on hand
  5. Others won’t get jealous, criticise or elbow into our secret stash
  6. It makes us feel good on the inside and out
  7. It actually makes a difference and changes the situation or us!

So I think it’s time I gave up (some) chocolate and worked on my addiction to prayer instead. Want to join me?

Can you think of other reasons why Prayer is better than Chocolate (or other reactions to stress)? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

Courtesy: bereanbaskets.com

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5 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Prayer is Better than Chocolate

  1. food you can share with others but prayer will allways be yours,prayer cleans the whole being.food expires not prayer.


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