Do You Trust Me?

 We all fear something in our lives. For some it’s the small things like cockroaches and spiders. For others it’s far bigger like flying or death or failure. Most of us fear change to some degree or other. But the most common and often most debilitating fear is the unknown. It’s taking a step into uncertainty and things beyond our control. It’s this fear that stops us from doing so many things in our lives. Things like leaving a hated job to try for something new, saying no to peer pressure, asking a loved one for forgiveness and moving toward reconciliation, introducing ourselves to that hot new guy. The biggest thing our fear of the unknown does is that it stops us from obeying God. 

“Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the one who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

Deuteronomy 31:6

 Have you ever said to someone “Just trust me. I know what I’m doing, it will be ok”? Parents say it to their children, coaches to their teams, workers to their customers. “You know sir, if you just tick this box and sign here then your application will go through much faster. Trust me, I do this a hundred times a day.”

 Trust is simply putting your faith into someone else. It’s believing that they are who they say they are and will do what they have promised. Trust is faith.

 Faith is the opposite of fear. You can’t have faith and fear at the same time. You either believe you are going to win or you don’t. You are either afraid to fly or you trust the pilot. You can’t have it both ways.

 365 times in the Bible God says “Don’t be afraid.” That’s once for every day of the year that our loving Heavenly Father says “Trust me.”

 I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that Jesus never told His disciples off for being unsuccessful or not rich or unpopular or not important enough. No, if you read the gospels you will notice that Jesus told His disciples off for their lack of faith, their lack of trust in Him. He expected them to trust Him. Not themselves, not their circumstances, not the things they could see, just Him.

 Jesus is asking the same thing of you today. Do you trust Jesus? Do you trust Him enough to take that step of faith, that step of obedience and do what He is asking of you? Yes I know that obeying this request is hard and scary and the unknown seems so big and uncertain, but He knows what He’s doing, He knows where you’re going and He will be with you all the way. If you trust Him you will obey.

 Today, now, God says “Do you trust me?”

 And you say…



Share your thoughts in the comments below about fear, faith and trust.

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5 thoughts on “Do You Trust Me?

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  2. Sometimes I feel blinder than other times, but I was encouraged yesterday by Joshua reminding the people to remember the good things that God has done. It is so true that it builds faith. I also remember that there was a time when I knew, I was really, really sure about God’s faithfullness and I committed to following Him no matter what. So even if I dont feel like I cant see what is ahead or if it is a smart decision, I keep my commitment and re-use the faith I have had before, even if I dont feel it now. God always honours that and sure enough once I’ve taken this step of faith I look back and see He is always faithful and it was worth it. The best part is taking that step gives you the faith to take the next one.

    • Faith builds faith alright. Thanks for the reminder about Joshua. I like how he had the people build altars everywhere they went so that when, for generations to come, their kids asked “what’s that?” they would tell the stories of God’s faithfulness.

  3. Faith is incredibly scary, for me walking with God regularly feels like I’m stepping off a cliff onto nothing because though I can see the destination and what is behind I can’t see the next step. I’m constantly wondering and asking what next only to hear silence but I’ve come this far with Him so I’m not turning back now.

    • And every step you take into the unknown that turns out to be the right, safe step for you increases your faith for the next step and the next. The coward says “I won’t go until I can see each and every step” and never goes or does anything.

      You have inspiring faith Hindy 🙂

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