September’s Top 7


This September brought changes to this blog. It also brought new readers and new raters. Thanks to everyone who has read, starred, commented and shared the posts.

Here’s what you liked best in September.

Top 7 Rated (Highest Star Rating)

  1. Called to Singleness
  2. Do You Believe?
  3. What Do You Expect?
  4. What Gift Should I Give?
  5. Why Be Still
  6. Splinter In, Splinter Out
  7. Keep On!

Top 7 Hits (Most Visited)

  1. King Nebuchadnezzar’s 8 Steps to Discipline
  2. Only Fools Put Family First
  3. Opportunity Cost
  4. Farewell Speech
  5. Called to Singleness
  6. Tantrum at the Door
  7. Who Will Be the Beautiful People?

These are you, the readers, favourites. Maybe take time to read a few today that you may have missed or forgotten and like or share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Which is your favourite post for September? Is it one listed above or something else? Share your favourite with us in the comments below.


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