Called to Singleness


God has called each of us to a special task. For some it is a calling to be single for life. Not many people are called to singleness but if you are a Christian never married single over 25 you have probably wondered if this is the calling of God on your life.

 In 1 Corinthians 7 v 32 – 35 Paul explains how a single person can have his whole life focused and centred on God, but a married person must divide themselves between family responsibilities and God. Most who read this focus on the married side of this, not the single side.  So let’s consider it for a moment.

J. Budziszewski from Focus on the Family quotes a friend who has been called to a life of singleness: “One thing people tend to misunderstand is that God always gives the gift of celibacy to make us more available to Him, not to make us more available to ourselves. So a celibate person should expect to have LESS time on his hands than a married one, not more. God is more demanding than a husband or wife!”

Yes, the sacrifice can be great, but so can the rewards. Consider Mother Teresa, who, as a married woman she may have influenced the lives of her own half-dozen kids, but as a woman called to singleness she helped thousands of orphans in India. Her life was consumed with her mission. Every waking moment was about reaching out to others.  Her calling to singleness was more demanding than a husband and a houseful of children. But she wouldn’t have been happy doing anything else. Why? Because this was God’s calling and will for her.

 Chances are God has not called you to a life of singleness. Chances are He has called you to something else. Chances are you are putting off finding what your calling is until you are married, or just older. Certainty is that God’s has a plan for your life that involves today, now. Certainty is that if you seek to follow His calling for your life He will guide you, whether it means singleness or marriage. Certainty is that God can be trusted with all aspects of your life – even singleness, love and marriage.

Do you know what your calling is? Do you think it’s easy to find your calling? Should those called to singleness should know it?Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Called to Singleness

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  2. Indeed. Our relationship with our heavenly Father is somewhat different from the relationship we have with our earthly father. Our natural father is somewhat flawed and no matter how good a man he is/was there were flaws that left a mark on us. Our heavenly Father is perfect in all things, including in how He deals with us and how He gives to us.

    His giving is perfect. His granting of our requests is perfect. His with-holding answers till we are in the exact right place is perfect. How many times have I received something from God which fulfilled my heart’s desire, that, if I had received it any earlier, I would have ruined it? I can tell you: Many times!

    His fulfillment is ALWAYS perfect.

  3. Hi Gail,
    God gives us the desires of our heart. One dear lady I know was single for over 60 years, lived a godly life and served the Lord in out-of-the-way places. She served as a single woman, left a tremendous mark on the Kingdom of God and changed lives, many lives – mine included. Lovely lady. It was always in heart to marry and then one day it happened. She met a man, they fell in love and married. Its amazing. They are both still happy, fulfilled and still serving the Lord. Heart’s desire filled.

    Psalms 10:17 “O LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will strengthen their heart, You will incline Your ear” – Isn’t it interesting that the Lord HEARS the desire of the HUMBLE and that He strengthens their heart? The Lord brings good things to those who wait on Him and you know what? You could read that to mean that the Lord strengthens the DESIRES of the HEART of the HUMBLE. That is food for thought.

    Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.

    • Great story Ron! Thanks for sharing it. I’m sure it will encourage readers.

      Psalm 37:4 is one of my favourite Bible verses. However, often when I hear it quoted people concentrate on the receiving of their desires and not so much on the delighting in God. Like most of God’s promises they come with a part for us to do too, a condition to the promise. For instance, we have to confess our sin if we want to be forgiven – 1 John 1:9 “If you confess your sin, He is faithful and just to forgive your sin and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.” I remind friends that if you’re waiting on the fulfilment of a promise, go check out the promise verse again and see if there’s something you need to do first.

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