What Do You Expect?

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I’m going camping this weekend. And I have some expectations for the weekend. They include:

  • catching up with friends
  • great food cooked over open fires
  • late, cold nights with little sleep and waking up before dawn
  • boys to nag and giggling girls
  • lots of work and a little sunburn

It’s going to be a great weekend! I’m very excited! Oh, and I expect to connect with God.

Is your life a little like that? You’re so excited about your plans and life that you sometimes forget God? I think we all do occasionally.

I think God expects to connect with me this weekend. I assume He will put on His usual fabulous display of wild life, amazing sunsets and be present in our meetings. I’m pretty sure He’ll turn up.

The question is – will I notice? Will I expect to meet with Him? Or will I be distracted by the fire, fun and friends? Will I get too busy with all the work of setting up tents, finding lost shoes and getting all the kids to activities on time?

Maybe it’s simply setting my expectations before I go and deciding to make time to spend with God, to see His work and to hear His voice. It needs to be my number one priority, not getting sleep or winning everything.

Beyond just expecting to meet with God, beyond making time for Him, I’ve learnt it’s also good to have questions for Him to answer. This means that when He speaks I will hear, I will realise that He has met my expectations. So I have a couple of questions ready and packed with my sleeping bag.

What about you? What do you expect from God this weekend?

Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “What Do You Expect?

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  3. I think lately which is quite sad I have been not expecting anything from God, and just taking life as it comes. I think there is definately power in seeking out God and expecting him to show up.Love this thought we are meant to be in relationship with God and expect that as we spend time with him he can work in our lives… good article like the new name too by the way

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