Do You Believe?


 “I believe, Lord help my unbelief.” Mark 9 v 24

 The chorus of a powerful song by Ian Corbridge asks:

 “How big is God to you?

Do you believe He can?

Do you believe He will?

Do you believe He’ll honour every promise He’s made?

Do you believe He wants to?

Do you believe in prayer?

Do you believe that Jesus cares?”

 As a single person I often have to stop and remind myself that God is BIG enough.  Big enough to have Mr Right knock on my front door right now, if He chose to.  And God is also big enough to get me through another day, month or year of singleness, if He chooses that.

 I have to remember that God can and will bring the right person into my life at the right time.  I have to believe that He wants the very best for me, that God has planned the very best for me.  I just have to align my wants with His wants for the best life possible.  It’s something I have to work on often: wanting what God wants for me, rather than wanting what I want. It’s the continuous prayer “Not my will by yours be done.”

 I have to remind myself that a “wait” answer is still an answer to prayer. And mostly I need to remember that Jesus does care, He does understand and He will honour every promise He has made to me.

Like the father in Mark 9 v 24 I have to pray “I believe, Lord help my unbelief.”

 God is big enough.  He knows, He understands, He cares and He has it all planned out.  Single Christian be encouraged, you won’t be single one moment longer than God has planned.  Unsingle Christian – the same is true for whatever God has promised you. He knows exactly how long this part of your life is.  He can, He wants to, He will.  Whatever He has promised, He will do.

 God is big enough.  Believe it.

In what area of your life do you struggle with belief? Share in the comments below. 

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