The Waiting Room


Have you ever felt like you are marking time? Treading water? On hold? Sitting in a waiting room for someone to call your number out so your “real life” to begin?  

You know you have so much more to give, far greater capacity, but you need that one crucial piece of the puzzle, that one critical door to open, that without it, you just can’t. Like knowing you’d be the world greatest wife and mother but you have no clue as to where else to look for potential husbands. Or you know you’d make a great accountant and you have the qualifications but because you don’t have experience no one will give you a role outside of reception and sales.

 You feel like you have all the skills, training, experience and passion required, you just need an opportunity. You are so frustrated that you could almost kick that door open. But you tried that once, only to discover that solid iron doors are stronger than your toes and your emotions. Won’t someone give you a chance? “Go-od! Please open a door for me? Half a door? Anywhere? Somewhere? Now? Pluh-lease” you pray, like a child asking for just one more story before bed.

 You think of Joseph and Moses and try to get your heart to agree with your head that you know God has the perfect plan for you and He has perfect timing, blah-dee, blah, blah…But you’re just not listening anymore. The wait has been too long, the nights too lonely, the door so thick….

 Recently a speaker reminded me to look at The Cross when I need hope, when stuff happens, when the bottom drops out of my world. Although I don’t feel like that, I just feel trapped by life and time and God, The Cross was the place to go.

 The Cross sent me to consider Christ’s life. I’d never considered the fact that He only “did what He did best” for three years, less than 9% of His life. He had thirty years of being on hold, marking time, treading water, in the waiting room waiting for His ministry to begin.

 What did Jesus do with all that time? Did He ever feel that frustration? Was He ever tempted to just heal someone on the quiet? I think Jesus felt that temptation to jump the gun, to kick the door open, to make stuff happen. I know He never gave into it. I see Jesus as a young man, seeing the needs of the people around Him and feeling their pain, doing what we should do – going to God in prayer for those people and those situations. I don’t think Jesus was just a son, a student, a carpenter, I think He was a man who cared about people, who cared about His calling, who trusted God’s timing, and spent His waiting years investing into His future through prayer.

 Following Jesus’ lead we too can turn our Waiting Room into a Prayer Room.

When He did get His opportunity Jesus knew exactly what His mission was and He did it with focus and determination. Jesus didn’t try to meet His full potential. He didn’t try to create a universe or preach to and heal every living creature. No, He did the will of the Father, each day, every day. Only what God told Him to do. Jesus “just” trained twelve disciples, taught followers and ministered to those God sent Him to. Do we always need to reach our potential? Are we supposed to do what we do best every day of our lives? Or like Jesus will we have seasons of “high productivity” and “lower” achievement, and is that ok?

 If Jesus is our role model, than the answer is a resounding “Yes”.

 Just like Jesus, all we’re expected to do each day is what the Father gives us to do. No more, no less. If God has us sitting at reception, that’s where He wants us to be today. If He wants us to be an accountant  He will open the doors and walk with us through them. In the mean time, as we sit in our prayer rooms waiting, let us ask God to open our eyes to see the people and the situations that we need to pray about. Then our Waiting Room will be the best Prayer Room it can.

Have you had a time where you’ve felt like you’re stuck in a waiting room?Share your experiences with us in the comments below.


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6 thoughts on “The Waiting Room

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  3. Very good point, it is comforting to know that when everyone else seems to be receiving their promises and your not, that some of the bible greats also had to wait (David, Moses, Jesus) for many years.

  4. This will so speak to people, Maybe while we are waiting on God he is waiting on us to give everything back to him in prayer and let him lead us instead. Thanks Gail see you in the waiting room…

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