Splashback or Mosaic

Courtesy: kitchenbacksplashes.blogspot.com

I want to be the perfect kitchen splashback. Perfect tiles in perfect order bringing practical fun to kitchen life. I want to be like all the other splashbacks. Perfectly made squares spaced exactly apart, without cracks or blemishes or fading. Perfection.

I know you created me as tiles Master, but I don’t understand why you are taking the hammer to me. Why is life hitting me and breaking me like this? My perfect exterior is being broken and shattered. This is not the life I planned.

I pray for a miracle that you will supernaturally put me all back together, the way I was before – perfect. You can do that Master, I have the faith and I believe all things are possible with You.

All this jostling and shaking and change. It feels like every part of me is being moved and moved again. I’m only in one spot for a moment before You place in another situation, where I don’t have time to get comfortable before another area of my life is also altered. Will I ever this changing ever be done?

All the hammering and moving, I see the parts of my life that once was a neat and tidy splashback now in a thousand pieces. Parts of me have gone. I am no longer what I used to be. Jaded, jaggered, fractured, broken – imperfect. Imperfect, useless, wasted, rejected, unloved. Why Master, why?

You glue the pieces to a new board. None are in place. Colours mixed crazily. Hodgepodge, unorganised, disheveled, uncoordinated – imperfect. I know you’re putting me back together again Master, but you don’t seem to have a plan, a purpose, a clue in how it’s supposed to be. This kaleidoscope of tiles is not the life I planned for me.

All is still. I reside in a new place now. I’m not a splashback anymore. My life is not the same. I hang on a wall in the Master’s study. It’s a strange place for a bunch of tiles. But I’m a strange bunch of tiles. My life is not what I planned. I didn’t plan for the hammering, the creating, the molding or the grouting. I simply wanted to be a splashback – practical, fun, perfect.

I see now that my Master had a better plan for me. He made me into something better. It was with loving hands He broke me, arranged me, glued and grouted me. His plans for me were better than my plans for myself. I now bring smiles, hope, promise, love to those around. I’m so grateful that He chose this life for me for it is perfect. I am the Master’s Mosaic.

Courtesy: colormeminetampa.com

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3 thoughts on “Splashback or Mosaic

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  2. “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into your rest.” There will be a time for rest, but it feels like the changing here doesn’t end! I’m glad there is rest to look forward too.

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