Waiting to Return

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Have you ever felt far from God? Have you ever wondered how to get back? Unlike the Prodigal Son you can’t physically get up from the pig pen you’re in and walk home. So how do we get back to God?

Like the rest of the Minor Prophets in the Bible Hosea is a book full of dire warnings of what will happen to those who wonder away from God and into wickedness. Some of the stuff the people in Hosea’s time got up to was really sick – like human sacrifices and ripping open the stomach’s of pregnant women. Yet in the midst of all that depravity is one sentence that gives instructions on how to go home.

“So you, by the help of your God, return;
      Observe mercy and justice,
      And wait on your God continually. ” Hosea 12:5

Like directions on how to get from A to B we have here 3 simple steps on what to do:

  1. God will help you return. So let Him. Like the Prodigal Son’s Father, God will run to meet you and welcome you home with open arms. It’s not that hard, yet sometimes we make it more complicated than it actually is.
  2. Observe mercy and justice. Act in a Godly way. Let your feelings follow your actions. Start by showing the same mercy and justice you want from God to others. Forgive them. Love them. Do right by them.
  3. Wait on the Lord. Spend time with God. Read His letter to you, the Bible. Pray. Listen to what He might be saying to you. Spend time with His family – the church. Give Him your time. Give Him time to start doing things in your life.

If you feel far from God today, it is as easy as 1,2,3. Stop and take time to spend with Him. It is the first step and He will help you return to Him.

Do you agree? Have you been far from God and returned to Him? Was your return journey like this? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Waiting to Return

  1. How can you gage where you’re at with God? Noone else can know where you’re at in your relationship with God, but even for yourself, since our relationship is not works based, how is it measurable?

    • It is a hard one to measure, I’ll give you that. Like any other relationship it’s more of a feeling and behaviour than a concrete measurement e.g. grams or metres. Some things that can show how close you are to God could include:

      how often do you spend time with God?
      do you read the Bible and pray because you have to, it’s a habit or because you enjoy it and want to?
      do you talk about God stuff in your day, talk to God in your day, think about God in your day?
      how do you feel about going to church / Bible study, is it a chore, do you avoid it or do you look forward to it for the God bit not the human friend bit?
      are you and God dialoguing – is there two way communication or does it seem like you’re the only one doing the talking?

      If you had time to chat to a friend on the phone right now, who would you call? That person is probably someone you’re the closest too out of all the phone numbers in your address book. Who’s the last person you’d call? Where’s God on that scale? That may help you figure out how close you are to Him at the moment.

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