Empty Arms

Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/treekins/3177406945/
How can the same sound bring so much joy and so much pain, to the same heart,
in the same breathe?
A newborn’s cry. A toddler’s laugh. A mother’s scold.
Empty arms ache at the sound
Joy for you, with you
Pain for me, hope deferred, desire denied
The empty arms of a barren womb
Empty arms that laid Baby in a grave
Empty arms of life lost before it began
Empty arms that chose life’s end
Empty arms of choiceless singleness
You grumble about the kids you’ve got
I weep inside for the child I’ve lost
I distance myself, from you, from hurt
Hating myself, wishing I could give more
Plastered fake smile pains face and heart
I keep silent, believing you wouldn’t understand
The pain, the joy, the desire, the grief
Am I the only one that struggles this way?
Does anyone know the volatile emotions I hide?
Will the grief, the longing, the pain ever end?
Where can I find healing, wholeness, hope?
There at the cross of Jesus Christ
I see arms stretched out, open wide
Empty arms
Empty arms like mine
Empty arms offering comfort in grief
Empty arms providing forgiveness for sin
Empty arms bringing healing and wholeness
Empty arms with power to unlock the womb
Empty arms giving love for loneliness, hope, joy, peace
Empty arms exchanging death for life
Christ’s empty arms are open to you
To fill your empty arms.

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8 thoughts on “Empty Arms

  1. Oh the memories that I will never forget (& part of me doesn’t want to forget either) that this had brought forth in me.
    I was once a woman aching for someone who would love me & accept me for who I am, & he came. Now, most of all stayed & continues to love me unconditionally as I do him.
    I was once a woman who ached for the joy of motherhood & would do anything in my power to achieve this. Long & painful was this journey, even the joy for others. Now I am a proud mother of a cherished daughter.
    Even though I have experienced a pain, I wouldn’t want it to stop others from sharing their joy & would never dream to think I knew their pain, as everyone’s is different.

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  4. Wow! Amazing poem. So insightful and expressive. Well written. I really enjoyed reading it, and pondering the concepts. Thanks for posting. 🙂

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