Across the room she serves, her existence taunting me.
Does Hagar even know the effect she has on me?
Tempting me to give up my faith,
To make all my dreams come true.
How long shall I wait for the miracle that doesn’t come?
Will God come through or have I got it all wrong?
One small action, it would be so easy, it’s so close.
No one would condemn me
But I, I would always know.
Across the yard he plays, his existence taunting me.
Does Ishmael even know the effect he has on me?
Temptation I didn’t resist, faith forsaken
A moment’s pride becoming my deepest shame.
I made my dream come true, to my son’s great cost.
It happened, it’s here but it’s not the miracle promised.
One small action, it was so easy, it was so close.
Condemning myself for letting go of my faith,
For regret I will always know.
Across the table he eats, his existence taunting me.
Does Isaac even know the effect he has on me?
A constant reminder of God’s forgiveness and faithfulness,
His promise fulfilled, my dreams given as a gift.
The miracle’s mine now, I wish I’d waited.
Restoration came to His Son’s great cost.
One small action, consequences not easy but so very close.
No longer condemned but forgiven by His grace.
And His faithfulness I shall always know.
 Are you waiting for a miracle, a promise from God? How do you keep the faith during the wait? Share in the comments below.
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